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Turning On & Off AXTRO Fit 2

Wilson Ong

Last updated on Apr 17, 2023

How To Turn On AXTRO Fit 2?

To turn on your tracker, press and hold firmly on the button for 5 seconds. A loading bar will appear displaying "AXTRO Fit 2", wait for the tracker to load fully before it enters normal mode.

Alternatively, charging the AXTRO Fit 2 would also turn on the device automatically.

How To Turn Off AXTRO Fit 2?

To turn off the tracker, tap to the last screen displaying ‘power off’ then press and hold firmly on the home button for 5 seconds. Tap again to confirm and the tracker will turn off.

The tracker is designed to operate continuously (24/7), hence it is not necessary to turn it off every night.