1. How to turn on your AXTRO Fit tracker?

    To turn on your tracker, press and hold firmly on the button for 7 seconds. A loading screen will appear, upon completion of loading. The startup screen displaying "AXTRO Fit" will be shown briefly before the tracker goes into normal mode.

    The tracker is designed to operate continuously (24/7) and there is no need to turn it off every night.

  2. How do you charge your AXTRO Fit tracker?

    Remove the dongle from the strap (refer to the video below). Insert the dongle into a power source (USB), kindly ensure that the AXTRO Fit metal connectors are aligned with the metal connectors of the USB charger. If the device is not charging, simply try inserting it the other way round.

    During charging, the tracker will display a charging indicator. When the battery is full, the screen will display "Charging Complete".

    Charging via power bank is not recommended. Due to the low power draw of the AXTRO Fit tracker, many power banks would not detect sufficient current thereby cutting off the power soruce resulting in your tracker not getting charged. We recommend to use either a reputable wall charger or your computer USB port.

  3. How long should you charge it for?

    A typical charging cycle would take around 1-2 hours to fully charge the tracker. During normal usage, the tracker should last approximately 7 days. However, frequent sync, workout mode usage and turning on the display would consume battery more quickly. 



You must ensure that the USB on your AXTRO Fit is inserted into a USB port the right side up. 

Although the AXTRO Fit can be inserted upside down, it would not be able to charge.

Thus, if you have issues charging your AXTRO Fit, try flipping it vertically first!