If you are facing issues syncing your AXTRO Fit with Healthy 365, there might be several factors that are causing the issue. Here are some of our recommended steps that you can try in sequential order to remedy your issue:

  1. Force close and reopen Healthy 365, and let the app sync with the tracker automatically
  2. Manually sync the tracker by tapping on "Sync" button on Healthy 365
  3. Turn off & on: Wifi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth. Also for Android devices, kindly ensure that your tracker is not paired to your phone under the Bluetooth setting (under your phone setting). If it is paired, kindly unpair it.
  4. Turn off and on the tracker
  5. Use "Sync For Friend" function on Healthy 365
  6. If you're in a place with a lot of wireless devices, more to a more isolated place due to possible interference
  7. Try to sync at a later time, occasionally when there are high volumes of syncing. The server would take a longer time to sync the data causing incomplete sync. 

If all the above steps do not work, kindly contact HPB support for further assistance.  They can be contacted at stepschallenge@hpb.gov.sg / 1800 567 2020.