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How do I clock MVPA?

Last updated on May 08, 2024

MVPA is attained when an individual reaches ≥ 64% of their maximum heart rate.

Maximum heart rate = 220 – Age

The duration of MVPA, or higher intensity physical activities is automatically computed when participants sync their fitness records to the Healthy 365 app. Participants may tap on “MVPA” under My Daily Progress on the Healthy 365 app to check their MVPA duration. Do note that only MVPA sessions lasting 10 consecutive minutes or more will be taken into consideration for the calculation of MVPA duration.

The AXTRO Fit 4 fitness tracker is able to track participants’ heart rate automatically throughout the day, as long as the tracker is turned on, has sufficient battery and is worn correctly on the wrist.

TIP: Turn on workout mode to track your heart rate in real-time to monitor if you're exercising in the correct zone!

Some examples of activities you can do to clock MVPA include:

  • Brisk walking about 500m in 5-7 min

  • Cycling casually on level ground or about 8km in 30 min

  • Recreational badminton or doubles tennis game

  • Effortful household chores like vacuuming, gardening

  • Walking up the stairs

Individuals who are less fit such as those who are just starting an active lifestyle or those with chronic conditions, may require more effort to perform these activities. For example, brisk walking may feel more vigorous than moderate. Therefore, they may want to gradually increase their exercise intensity over time.

Those who have been sedentary or are just starting to be more physically active, can incorporate short, achievable durations of physical activity over the week, such as commute actively or take the stairs instead of the lift. The daily milestones of 5,000 steps and 10 minutes of MVPA are good starting points to work towards. Seniors who prefer to walk as part of their daily physical activity regime can take up brisk walking and gradually increase the distance and pace of walking.

Adults with chronic conditions should consult a health professional to determine a suitable exercise regime for them.