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How To Charge AXTRO Fit 3?

Last updated on Apr 17, 2023

AXTRO Fit 3 comes with a magnetic charging cradle. Connect the USB plug into a USB port (5V, 1A) and attach the cradle to AXTRO Fit 3.

When the device is charging, a charging indicator would be shown on the tracker screen. When the battery is full, the screen will display "Charge Complete". It should take around 2 hours to fully charge the tracker.

Best Practices:

  1. Always ensure that the AXTRO Fit 3 and magnetic charging cradle is completely dry before charging

  2. We recommend using a good quality USB adapter of 1A to prevent damage to the tracker

  3. Charging via power bank is not recommended as AXTRO Fit 3 draws a low current in which power bank might not detect and fail to supply power to the tracker.

  4. Do not leave the tracker unattended when charging